Grooming for Greatness

Narachi Leadership was so honoured to be a part of the inaugural leadership weekend of the Grooming for Greatness program in Lagos, Nigeria. The brainchild of Biola Adekanbi-Alabi, the program empowers emerging business leaders with the resources, connections and knowledge that will help them achieve their leadership goals. What stood out for me as I delivered leadership content is just how much emerging leaders on our continent need to be first and foremost validated in their ambitions. There is so much around us that discourages us, that tells us that what we dream for the continent is impractical, absurd and impossible. Leadership programs like this provide a different kind of message. Your leadership dreams are valid and worth investing in. It was really such a privilege to meet these dreamers and doers. From all walks of life and making an impact in various sectors in Nigeria – education, health, IT, creative industries, NGOs…the list goes on and on.‪#‎leadershipcannolongerbeAfricascrisis‬
Congratulations Biola for making such a personal investment into this important work. We need more executives and leaders like you! More pictures to come.


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