They say some experiences change your forever. For me, the NMP is one of them. The programme was such a life & career enhancing experience for me. It granted me access to some of the world’s most prominent thought leaders & a mix of some of the most brilliant young minds in Africa. If you want to be in the room where it happens, there is no better opportunity than the Narachi experience.
Martin Mumo
Tax Advisor | Kenya
The NMP was an absolutely life changing experience. Each session showcased each mentee's curiosity to learn & ask questions without being afraid to do so. We have defined our strengths & weaknesses; we have tackled the issue of conflict; we have mastered the idea of personal branding & more. I would recommend this mentorship programme to all the youth of our continent.
Alyssa Augustine
South Africa
It is a life changing program. You get out what you put into the program. The information I gained from the experience is priceless, & in all honesty I value it more than what I gained from my actual degree. It was also a great opportunity to mix with so many ambitious & inspiring people from all over the world.
Bhavik Govan
Management & Investment Consultant | Zimbabwe & South Africa
Being a mentee at NMP is one of the best decisions I ever made. I met very bright people, had wonderful conversations & uncovered deep truths about myself. I’m more enlightened about the relationship with myself, others & where I work. It’s super important to have gained this knowledge at this stage in my life & I’m so thankful for the NMP. The NMP is a special thing.
Emmanuella Onyeka
Engineer | Nigeria
I believe the NMP is what every African needs for a mindset evaluation. It is a change-creating platform where the greatest conversations are initiated with the objective to shape authentic leaders & better citizens.
Tariro Aylwin Musiyiwa
Electrical Power & Millwright Student | Zimbabwe
Narachi Leadership made my life long inspirations realistic and reachable. I was exposed to network of talented individuals that I would have never have met if it weren't for the program and I believe that they will be people I can call upon again many years later in my life.
Elizabeth Karombo
Inquisitive Economist | Zimbabwe & UK
This programme has instilled in me a certain confidence I did not have before. The knowledge I have gotten from the programme as a young woman has put me ahead in my career as compared to other people my age. I would definitely recommend this to my friends, especially those who see themselves working in cooperate one day.
Lebo Ramohapi
Microbiology Student | Lesotho & South Africa
The NMP is a mentorship program that is unique and covers important keys in developing one to become an effective leader that stands out.
Shanaid Pillay
Political Scientist and Aspiring Foreign Service Officer| Zimbabwe
Life changing experience. On this journey I have learnt to lead the self, lead others and lead systems. The programme has allowed me to refocus & grow in ever sense of the word. It has provided me with the skills & tools that I will have forever!
Kochiwe Mung’Omba
Lawyer | Zambia
Thank you Narachi for the amazing opportunity & for the selfless team that led us all through the journey of rediscovery. It was passion & purpose.
Jediel Mmwimenyi
Risk & Insurance Student | Kenya
Being a part of the NMP has been a transformational journey! I got to learn more about myself, how I can be more effective in my roles & the boldness to thrive. I’m excited to put into action the practical skills I’ve gained. I now have a tribe of fellow mentees who are also on a mission to bring impact.
Portia Kapinde
Medical Student | Zimbabwe
As a Mentee, the journey was more than I expected. I thought I would learn how to change my weaknesses but I now know that the best way is to maximize my strengths. Knowing myself, others & my environment can make me a good community leader.
Brendaline Shieke Nkenen
Engineer | Cameroon
Applying for NMP is by far the best decision I made! If you know you are set apart for greatness and you want to help change the narrative of our continent by being an effective leader in whatever sector you choose, this is the best place to begin your journey.
Kimberly Makumbe
Singer-Songwriter | Zimbabwe