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Narachi Leadership is a reputable and internationally recognised consultancy whose intention is to transform Africa by building deep benches of transformative leaders across the continent. Narachi believes that Africa will not get the transformation it deserves until leaders can lead from a space of authentic power, values-based, strengths-based and courageous leadership. We merge research and practice from neuroscience, psychology, biomimicry and ontology, giving clients a unique opportunity to deeply transform themselves first and in turn to transform the people and institutions they lead.


The ‘Na’ in our name is borrowed from the Shona language and means with and ‘Rachi’ is the intimate way in which our Founder is called by those who know her well. The name of our organization speaks to the intention of our work which is to create safe and intimate spaces for transformation.


Narachi Leadership was born in 2015 and has served clients across the African continent and beyond.

Our Impact

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Our Mission & Approach

We want to create through our coaching, facilitation and speaking engagements, safe and intimate spaces in which people can be unafraid of visiting the questions and finding the answers that can transform them. We want people to fall in love with the work of sitting with themselves and with others so that they can learn deeply and soulfully. We want the weaknesses to be just as ok as the strengths so that we can remove shame from our way of being human with each other. We want to be part of the human effort that is building institutions in which people can love what they do and thrive as they do it. And we are not mushy about it either. We encourage pursuing real strengths in our human efforts, not passion. We believe in both love and power in human relationships. We ultimately encourage the creation of psychological safety in our organizations but we also know that fear has a legitimate role to play in peak performance. We want to be balanced and not extremist in our approach.


Our individual clients tell us our approach has helped them return home to themselves so that they can more intentionally do the work that they came to the earth to do. Our team clients tell us that our approach helps them to understand each other better, to embrace conflict and healthy competition and to be available to the courageous conversations that enable them to continually grow and perform as a collective. We pride ourselves in bringing to our clients honest and courageous work in an effort to make good people the best humans and leaders that they can be.

What We Hold Worthy (Our Values)


A commitment to doing the highest quality work always


Assuming positive intent and holding conversation and energy that adds value to each individual.

Courageous Conversations

Being courageous in facilitating conversations that matter and move the continent forward.


Understanding that even the worst part of people is not who they fully are and embracing opportunities for empathy and teaching.


Being fully present with the idea that we are one with all other forms of life on this planet, including other people, and that in all of our dealings we seek to do no harm to the environment or to others


A commitment to continual learning and being ahead of the curve in terms of personal and team development tools. This means that the commitment to growth and development should begin with us.

Our Massive Transformational Purpose

Until Africa’s Leadership Potential Is Recognised

A deficit of leadership capability in our organizations and in our countries has made our continent synonymous with ‘a crisis of leadership.’ We believe that this deficit is driven by a lack of leadership tools that support leaders in the transformation of themselves, their followers and the systems that they lead. While these tools are widely available, they are often not accessible. We seek to democratize leadership development so that it is available to as many leaders in as many spaces as possible. We know that it is good people who end up becoming bad leaders, and often because they lack the insights and tools to support them in their transformation. We walk this journey ourselves, daily and seasonally engaging with powerful ahas that help us to become better versions of ourselves.

How Are We Trying To Solve This Problem

Narachi Leadership awakens leaders to their strengths and how to apply them authentically, courageously and creatively to their highest cause on this earth. We liberate leaders from learned societal, cultural and organizational patterns that limit their possibilities. Using psychological, neuroscientific and ontological tools we help leaders deepen their personal
mastery so that they can more effectively coordinate action in others and ultimately transform the systems and
environments within which they lead.


We do this through the following modalities:


  • Facilitation of transformative programmes and workshops (webinar & live format)
  • Speaking engagements (online & live format)
  • Coaching (one-on-one & group)
  • Mentorship (The Narachi Mentorship Programme)

Who We Are

Rachel Nyaradzo Adams


Reena Thaker-Desai



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